Trick Question. He Already Has.

Everyone from your brother-in-law to your barista has advice on how to grow your business. Me too.

who am I, and why should you care?

At the tender age of eight, I sold greeting cards door-to-door for the Junior Sales Club of America. Decades in sales ensued, with millions booked, both products and services, in retail and wholesale. Consistently a top producer, selling lots of stuff to lots of folks. Folks who left the table smiling. Folks eager to recommend me to their friends.

hire a stark, raving capitalist

Success in sales is directly related to success in marketing. As my personal brand grew, my focus did too. My skillset grew through the years based on client needs to the smörgasbörd of services we now offer.

Don't just throw money at your business, buying one disjointed service after another, from a series of disconnected operators.

hire a boy scout with 50 years of sales & marketing experience

Today, we bundle 'everything sales and marketing' into a customized package, then elegantly plug that into your existing administrative and logistical processes. We update all systems to increase efficiency. We craft your story, create your marketing funnel and streamline your sales process. We build the tools, produce the leads and train your team to close more sales with less effort.

The personal branding we have used since the '80s is proven. As society has shifted and technology has advanced, we have evolved from a full-service advertising agency to a cross between a shanachie and a sensei of the side-hustle. We specialize in lean startups and turnarounds. Today we help folks find their 15MB of Fame! We are also fun at parties.


our smörgasbörd of services

• Branding - Logos, Mission Statements, Copy Writing, Strategery
• Advertising - Any media
• Public Relations - Press Releases, Media Events
• Experiential Marketing - Trade Shows, Street Teams
• Digital Marketing - Web & Social; SEO & SEM
• Broadcast - TV, Radio, Email Campaigns
• Collateral Materials - From Cards to Contracts
• Tech Integration - The right tool for the right job
• Training - For you, your team, your customers, yo mama

This list goes on but starts to sound like idle boasting. Enough about us, anyway!

Your Turn: Let's talk about your mission, your passion, and your goals. 

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put it to work for you

general manager
100kw radio

• Rebranded Station & rebuilt it around the passions of the team

• Fourth GM for station, first to turn a profit for the owner

• Grew revenue 20%+ YoY for three straight years

• Helped Collective Soul's Gel reach Gold Record status

• Lethal Breakfast Morning Program pilots program for Comedy Central

vp, marketing
kit car manufacturer

• Top Producer in sales after just four months

• Quadrupled sales as VPM to $5M

• Converted workflow from paper to digital

• Developed New Products & Profit Centers

• Developed Certified Builders Network

pr maven / web guy
automotive manufacturing

• Created digital portal for media, eliminating traditional PR costs

• Produced record setting numbers in e-commerce sales

• Landed homologated vehicle on Ford Motor Company stage at SEMA 2004

• Hired for public relations; repaired & relaunched web store after programmer left

retail sales - top 2% contributor

• Maintained high volume, margins & attachment rates at nation's 7th largest electronics retailer

• First formal sales training - Ken Blanchard's One Minute Salesman

• Experienced perfect synergy of Marketing, Sales and Managment 


ongoing shenanagans

brands built around our passions 


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